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The Avengers Trailer Review

October 23, 2012     Chris-Erik Fotland

In a summer which involves a whole host of repetitive sequels to stuff that was tired, stuttering and barely interesting to begin with, I decided to create a delightful homage to Hollywood’s lack of imagination by doing another trailer review for the epitome of this kind of movie; "The Avengers”.

However there is justification for this; firstly the latest trailer is the last we have to contend with before we see the film in a couple of months and therefore it justifies unnecessary attention to every frame of footage before the palm sweating and rash begins as we go superhero cold turkey.

How many of you studied this sequence from the trailer closely…

Also in the UK this week The Avengers has been renamed as "Avengers Assemble”, which essentially makes it a completely different movie…Right?

All in all I profess myself disappointed with the final Avengers trailer, which might be rich as I found it difficult not to become impregnated by the pleasure I took from viewing the Superbowl trailer (I’m sure that statement makes small scientific sense in a universe, somewhere).

Firstly because I thought the renaming of the film was them hinting at an elaborate tonal shift, and them essentially naming it ‘AA’ meant that the film would actually be Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Scarlett Johansson in needlessly tight leather and the other guy sitting in a church hall sat with cups of water and talking about their feelings and how long sober they are. Which it isn’t.
But also because the new, previously unseen footage that has been show is just more footage of stuff exploding. As cool as it is that the trailer producers are enjoying dancing around the fire of their film budget which could buy Marvel a Eurozone country, it doesn’t particularly add much.

The Superbowl trailer was shorter, tighter and inherently packed with more enigma, now the longer trailer has shown us that most of the mystery surrounding this film is actually how much of it do they spend blowing stuff up. Even the team infighting which has been subtly hinted towards is now out in the open, and it’s just them attacking each other and trying to blow Thor up in a battle of ‘who has the nicest hair’. Which Thor wins; every time.

Where they could have gone for an intense acting display of infighting and verbal battling, they have instead opted for the lot of them just kicking the living daylights out of one another. Which is tantalising to watch, but doesn’t detract from the feeling that The Avengers Assemble could be this year’s answer to a Michael Bay film.

Further dissatisfaction is reaped from the revelation that Jeremy Renner as Hawk-Eye is still pointless and is more thrown in as a ‘We didn’t have the rights to put Spider-Man into this film, so we’re doing this instead’ than for his actual purpose, which is to have an improbable romantic involvement with ‘Needlessly In Leather’ Scarlett Johansson, who between Captain America’s Right Bicep, Iron Man’s Smarmy Face and Thor’s Glorious Hair opts for Pointless Hawk-Eye. And I thought the notion of Superheroes was ridiculous.

However there is saving graces to this trailer, Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury is becoming more than just a baby sitter at play group and is becoming a tantalising character. Also, Loki is carrying on from his debut in Thor and being one of the most interesting villains in a superhero film. If he gets the screen time he deserves we could be in for a treat of a performance in Tom Hiddleston.
My issue with this final Avengers trailer is that it has revealed a great deal of what the earlier trailers built up as mystery, and the truth isn’t that interesting. It’s just more explosions, the infighting is more explosions and it is another origins story (the Assembling of them all), which is usually the least interesting of all films.

If that isn’t enough to put you off, Fin Fang Foom’s (no, I’m not kidding) inclusion does little to detach us from the idea that this is going to be another action flick, which will be fun whilst it lasts, but at the end will just leave us wanting more.

The latest Avengers trailer is below;

Avengers Assemble is coming to the UK on April 27th, 2012 and then The Avengers (same film but better title) is coming May 4th to the US.