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Community & Trailer Articles Coming Soon!

 24 October, 2012      Chris-Erik Fotland

We are currently working hard on the website. Meaning that not everything can be done all togheter at once. Therefore we're taking one step at a time. Currently Community & Trailer Articles have been putted aside to fill every other page with enough content to keep visitors busy for a while. In a few days, Community will be up and running. There will be added a user login and profile feature to the website. Changes surrounding this will be announced on this page in the nearest few days.

Trailer Reviews Added, more to come!

 24 October, 2012      Chris-Erik Fotland

Lately we have developed alot time into the Trailer Reviews page and organized it nicely. Now we have a total of 6 trailer reviews added. There several more to come in the future, our biggest focus at this time is to fill every page on the website with content, and after that take the step of filling up more content. Finishing the website 100% with all pages filled with info and that, we are than ready to keep adding more reviews, videos, articles and so on. Now our focus is to start developing Community and add user features as login and profile page. After that moving on to Trailer Articles and so on. More announcements will be given on site news when we are getting closer to finishing the website.